Dear Brnonians,

This October 2018, on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th, local elections will take place everywhere in the Czech Republic. This is not just for Czech citizens: any EU citizen with a temporary or permanent residence card can vote.

In Brno, these will be two separate elections: a ‘big’ one for the City Council (which runs the whole city) and a ‘smaller’ one for the District Councils (Brno is subdivided into 29 districts and each has its own elected council). On this website, we want to introduce to you the Green Party’s plan for the Brno City Centre District.

The Greens are an influential force in Brno local politics. The Green Party currently has four representatives on Brno City Council, including one Deputy Mayor, and three Green Party members are district mayors. In the City Centre District, five of us are on the District Council and one, my colleague Jasna Flamiková, is a Deputy Mayor.

In other words, in case you’re wondering: your vote for the Greens will not be wasted. I hope you will let us continue our good work in Brno City Centre and vote Green in this election. Remember: to give your full support to the Green Party, all you need to do is put a large cross next to ‘Zelení’ on the ballot paper.

David Oplatek,
Chairman of the Green Party in Brno-střed (City Centre)
Candidate for District Mayor in Brno-střed

P.S. If you’re not sure how to vote, read this explanation from the Brno chapter of the Green Party. And, while you’re at it, why not learn what the Green Party is planning for the City Council elections?


The Green Party’s plan for Brno City Centre (Brno-střed)


Four years ago, voters in Brno City Centre elected five Green Party members to the District Council. We have done good things since then. The district now has larger and better green spaces, it has become easier to recycle and the city centre has become more pedestrian-friendly. In social housing, we have brought in fairer and juster rules for allocating city-owned apartments.

Let’s do it again this year! We need your support to continue what we have started so that, together, we will make Brno the most livable small city in Central Europe!

We know what we want:

  • Affordable living. We want the city centre to be a place where people from all walks of life, from all social and ethnic backgrounds can live and intermix. We don’t want the city centre to become an enclave for rich people only. Together with our Green Party colleagues at city-wide level we have a plan which we hope will prevent the rental property market from escalating to unaffordable levels.
  • A multicultural city. We want the city to be more friendly to its international inhabitants, who we believe are an asset to our city. We want the city authorities to change their outlook and to start communicating with the public in other languages beside just Czech. An example is this election itself: the city is unfortunately not doing a great job at informing non-Czech speakers of their right to vote.
  • People-friendly public spaces. We want public spaces in the city centre to be safe and easily navigable: spaces which are pedestrian-friendly and cycling-friendly, walkable, and by no means dominated by the car. While Brno has very good public transport, we have seen a large increase in privately owned car traffic in recent years and this has resulted in overcrowded parking spaces as well as many incidents of illegal and/or antisocial parking. The Green Party is in favour of the new parking arrangements which are being introduced in Brno City Centre at the moment, as we believe these will calm things down. We will not allow the new parking arrangements to be dilluted or undone after the elections.
  • Future-proofing our city. We want Brno to be ready for climate change. For this, we need to ‘green’ the city in every sense of the word: we need significantly more green spaces and more water features, fewer conrete-and-asphalt hotspots, and fewer emissions from motorized traffic. These may sound like small thigs but they are tried and tested recipes for cooling cities down in summers and keeping them smog-free in winters. These things work well in other cities so why not Brno?

The Greens are in politics not for private gain but for public good. Politics for us is not a business, and neither is it a race with only one winner. We happily work with anyone who shares some of our principles. Many of our candidates for this election are not Green Party members. Many are people who have distinguished themseves in Brno’s public life already. Some are seasoned politicians, others are bringing new energy. The Green Party, not just in Brno but nation-wide, has the most gender-balanced list of candidates and has the highest percentage of university-educated candidates. Together, we are ready to make Brno the most livable small city in Central Europe!

For this, we need your vote. To give your full support to the Green Party, come out to vote on 5th and 6th October 2018 and put a large cross next to ‘Zelení’ on the ballot paper. Your city will thank you.


Our candidates


  1. David Oplatek, Brno City Centre Councillor, social worker: “I want the city authorities to treat people more fairly. Everybody has equal rights and we must not ignore the needs of older, handicapped or less well-off inhabitats of the city centre.”
  2. Jasna Flamiková, Brno City Centre Deputy Mayor, environmentalist: “My mission is to balance out the needs ot pedestrians, cyclists and car users, and to make Brno ready for climate change.”
  3. Pavla Lukešová, cultural mamager: “Children are the future. I want to make sure families can live well in the city centre, in a safe neighbourhood which promotes good work/life balance and with access to good publicly funded schools.”

  4. Marika Kupková, arts curator: “The arts are what makes Brno unique. All publicly-funded culture must be of good quality and easily accessible.”

  5. Michal Závodský, lawyer: “I want us all to live well in our neighbourhoods. I will continue to fight against the selfish interests of property developers.”

  6. Barbora Benčíková, art historian: “The city centre must continue developing but, at the same time, new buildings must respect our city’s architectural heritage.”

  7. Robin Stria, community organizer: “The city centre should not be an office park or a shopping mall. Cities are made by the people who live in them. I want affordable housing for all.”

  8. Jenda Perla, marketing manager, slam poetry event organizer: “The city should open school sports grounds to the public, and to create more sporting infrastructure. Sports are important for a good quality of life.”

  9. Miroslav Knob, lawyer: “Our city district must manage its financial and economic affairs responsibly and transparently. My goal is to bring environmental criteria into the rules of public procurement.”


Are you an EU citizen with permanent or temporary residence in Brno? Good news, you can vote in the local elections this October! Do you want to know more about the priorities and candidates of the Green Party in Brno and how to vote? Click below!